The extensive menu at the Rainforest Cafe Niagara Falls offers endless possibilities starting with finger foods that lead up to generous portion sized dinners. Both the adult and children’s menu offer family favourites Castaway Kids Pizza as well more exotic fare Mojo Bones (Ribs) that will tempt your taste buds and reassure you that it was worth going out on a limb to try something new. The extensive dessert menu features the one of a kind volcano brownie, guaranteed the only explosive dessert in Niagara Falls.


Kids will go wild over the custom children’s menu available at the Rainforest Cafe. The Rainforest knows what kids like to eat and what parents want them to eat, this compromise is combined in our unique kid’s menu. The Rainforest children’s menu features Castaway Kids Pizza, Jurassic Chicken Tid Bits and more!

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The restaurant menu at the Rainforest Cafe offers guests a complete range of items for lunch, dinner and lighter snacks and appetizers for the points in between.

If you are looking a unique dessert after a long day exploring Niagara Falls the Rainforest Cafe has a long list of items to satisfy every sweet tooth! Many of the Rainforest Dessert items including the Volcano Brownie are made from ingredients that were originally only found in tropical rainforests around the globe such as cocoa and vanilla!

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